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Primary (4 - 11 years)

Cambridge Primary School is for children between the ages of 4 and 11, foundation/reception (kindergarten) through to year 6. We offer an excellent education in an historical and culturally rich setting. To create a meaningful environment for our pupils, we use the Cambridge Primary curriculum. The Cambridge Primary curriculum with Global Perspectives at the heart is designed for the balanced development of the individual within the wider community.

Secondary (11 - 19 years)

Cambridge CS1

In a contextual environment we are working from our hearts towards independency for your child. Successful independency in CS1 is a solid foundation for further progress in our CS2 programme. Cambridge Secondary 1 (CS1) is being used in state, independent and international schools all over the world. The subject of Global Perspectives is the heart of the CS1 programme. Global Perspectives provides a central theme for all the other subjects to make links to.

Cambridge CS2 (IGCSE)

In a conceptual environment we build further on the foundation created in our CS1 programme. Learners develop further critical thinking based upon humane values. Our belief is that every single child is unique. Education at International School Eerde is aimed at the realisation of each individual’s full potential. We strive to ensure our students are the best they can be and achieve success in all that they do during their time with us. We encourage parents to monitor their child’s progress by using our electronic system so parents and school can work together to support the learner on his/her earning journey.

IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

At International School Eerde great emphasis is placed on breadth of education, the development of life skills and the nurturing of individual talent whilst ever conscious of the need to provide an education that will enable students to operate effectively in a global marketplace. It is a prestigious international programme, conceived to encourage shared academic experience, critical thinking and intercultural understanding. Students acquire values and opportunities that will enable them to develop sound judgment, make wise choices and respect others in the global community.