Cambridge Secondary 1


In a contextual environment we are working from our hearts towards independency for your child. Successful independency in CS1 is a solid foundation for further progress in our CS2 programme. Cambridge Secondary 1 (CS1) is being used in state, independent and international schools all over the world. The subject of Global Perspectives is the heart of the CS1 programme. Global Perspectives provides a central theme for all the other subjects to make links to.

The programme will involve six (themes) Challenges a year;
  • The programme is skill-based: it builds and develops, through repetition and emphasis, a range of the key transferable skills needed for the 21st century.
  • It is taught across a wide range of topics using a personal, local, and global, perspective. The teacher helps the learner look at a range of topical global issues that give a range of contexts.
  • Challenges will include a range of activities including: projects, presentations, reports, logs, posters, questionnaires, written work, blogs, both team and individual. All content, tasks and challenges will be delivered digitally through the Cambridge Online Learning Area.
  • The Online Learning Area: a Cambridge moderated, password-protected area. All the Challenges are located here, with support for a student’s ePortfolio and Reflective Logs. In addition, areas for collaboration and communication will be available in accordance with our age appropriate eSafety policy.

Together with Global Perspectives, Mathematics, Science, English and ICT are the five core subjects of the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme. These 5 subjects link as closely and as much as possible with the central Global Perspective theme which is leading in each half term. Each academic year these 5 core subjects will be assessed using CS1 test material. In the 3rd year these test results will be analysed externally by Cambridge.

Learners will receive an analysis on their performance with their strengths and weaknesses identified. These analysing tools enable both school and parents to monitor the child’s development against an international benchmark. The focus is not on right or wrong answers but to identify where the child currently is on his/her learning journey. We will be able to identify those areas where perhaps more help is required. At the end of their 3rd year the learners will receive a Statement of Achievement. For learners at that age it is important that their progress is being recognised. A certificate boosts their eagerness to learn in new positive directions.

Students have a mentor who is their bi-weekly point of contact and who supports each student in their academic progress as well as taking care of the social and emotional aspects of learning.

In our programmes we are:


  • Linking all subject learning to a Cambridge Challenge
  • Provide learning which connects to the ‘real’ world
  • Working towards understanding through a personal and global perspective


  • Linking all subjects together through Global Perspectives
  • Preparing students for the next stage of  experiencing life
  • Being part of a worldwide community to share learning experiences, best practice, ideas and resources


  • Delivering rigorous and transformational knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Creating a challenging, student-led (outdoor) learning environment
  • Providing assessment for learning for students, and support for teachers