“International School Eerde is an inclusive institution that welcomes all on a non-discriminatory basis regardless of race, creed, colour, religion, national origin, gender, ethnic background or philosophy. The vision of International School Eerde to provide a safe environment in which all students achieve high academic success, demonstrate critical thinking skills and become responsible and compassionate global citizens prepared for their next stage of life.”

Boarding parents

All our boarding parents are committed to creating a safe, happy, open and constructive atmosphere in the boarding houses. Boarding parents are closely involved in the welfare and well-being of our students. They strive to develop the students’ sense of responsibility: caring for one another, keeping their rooms tidy, completing their homework and participating in social activities.


At Eerde students and staff live toget­her as one big international family in a multi-cultural atmosphere. Our students live in two boarding houses and are cared for by boarding parents. Usually two students (with a maximum of 3) of the same gender and approximately same age share a room. Students may personalise their room to their own taste with posters or other decorations.

Harmonious atmosphere

Boarding at Eerde is a place to learn from each other, to live with each other and care for each other. Therefore we highly value a happy and harmonious living environment where nobody feels like a misfit or is excluded in any way. In the daily routines boarding parents will ensure that an harmonious atmosphere prevails.  Students are expected to familiarise themselves with the boarding rules. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying, theft, vandalism, alcohol and drug abuse. Any severe violation of these rules may lead to permanent exclusion from school. International School Eerde may involve (external) specialists to support students with behavioural problems or learning difficulties.


Boarding staff pay close attention to the medical care and welfare of students. If students need to consult a GP, dentist, or other specialists, appointments will be made according to individual needs. Boarding parents always provide extra care to the students who fall ill in boarding.

Responsibility and participation

All students take part in household chores such as doing dishes and tidying common areas. We expect all students to respect the school’s and other students’ property
at all times. Any damage caused by students to boarding property will be charged to the student or parents.

Boarding students need to ensure they bring all stationery and sports’ equipment with them at the beginning of the school day.

The boarding houses are locked from 8:25 am each day and will remain closed until the end of the school day. Boarding students are not allowed to return to boarding without a legitimate reason approved by the Principal.

To encourage students’ participation in boarding welfare we established the Student Boarding Committee, which meets regularly with boarding parents to discuss any issues or problems students may experience. This committee has proven to be extremely successful as the students respect the fact that they can express themselves and have a say in their own living environment.

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After-school hours

After school there is a mandatory supervised study time. Sport, art, music, additional tuition and ICT projects can be scheduled individually. The use of sport facilities both on or off campus is encouraged by boarding parents. Students are always welcome to use the common rooms to socialise or to play games. The kitchen area in boarding remains open after dinner for a healthy snack or toast.

Cultural or recreational activities are organised in the weekends. Some examples of possible weekend activities include: museum visits, swimming, Laser Quest, movie nights or sport matches. Every now and then boarding also experiences some lazy weekends where students can enjoy doing absolutely nothing besides relaxing on the grass.


Keeping in touch with family and friends is essential to our boarding students’ well being. All students are connected to the Internet and have their own Eerde email address. After office hours, boarding staff will answer all incoming calls from parents or guardians directly. The Internet is switched off during the night to ensure a healthy night’s rest for each student.