Staff at Eerde

A world of experience

The International School Eerde team consists of committed teachers, house parents and other employees. Together they form a varied reflection of the world's population. Our people feel especially at home in the unique, historic environment of the castle and usually continue to be connected to our institute long term.

Eerde as an employer: equal opportunities

International School Eerde is an employer who gives everyone equal opportunities regardless of culture or background. Our team is composed of highly qualified employees of different ages and nationalities. They are selected with the greatest care. Not just based on their professionalism and expertise, but also on specific competences that are valuable for an internationally focused culture such as team spirit, commitment, flexibility and adaptability.

The language: English

English is the working language at International School Eerde including amongst staff and employees. We, however, also back the use of other languages with a view to respect the personal background and origin of our people.