After school activites

At the end of each day, Monday through Thursday Eerde runs an after school activities programme at the end of the academic programme for all secondary students. These activities run for one hour and embrace a range of sporting, cultural, creative and service endeavours.

Each term the staff is asked to offer an activity and so these may change throughout the year. Students choose which activities they would like to join and then “sign up”. The programme is a relatively new one and it is hoped to expand it in the next academic year.  The aim of the programme is to assist Eerde to achieve one of its key aims- to develop the whole child and to provide opportunities for authentic experiential learning outside the classroom.


Some of the benefits of the programme include:

  • Assisting students to recognise their various skills and abilities
  • Encouraging students to embrace new challenges and develop new skills
  • Providing opportunities for collaborative activity
  • Showing commitment and perseverance to their chosen activities