Career counselling


The initial class of a new student is determined during intake. The basis for the initial decision is the student’s school history and achievements, academic expectations and compatibility between school systems.

Cambridge Secondary 1

Our guidance programme is coordinated by the counsellor and Cambridge Principal. Students’ interests will be explored via various exercises and they will receive detailed information on IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) requirements and a Subject Choice Form. At the end of Cambridge Secondary 1, form 3, the final choice for the IGCSE-subject package will be determined during an interview with each student and their parents, taking all information and interests of the student into consideration. As well, our aim is that our extra curricular excursions may provide inspiration and context for possible choices.

Cambridge Secondary 2

In the 4th and 5th Form of IGCSE, students are invited at regular intervals for an individual meeting or may initiate a meeting with the careers counsellor to develop their thoughts on further education and career fields. Staff will also meet to discuss entrance into the IBD Programme.The final choice for IB subjects is made before the summer holiday for students in form 5, in close consultation with parents, the careers counsellor and the IBDP Coordinator.

International Baccalaureate

In the IBDP all students receive information on how to apply for further education and how to follow the requirements for the college/university in the country of their choice. Students are encouraged to independently ask for information, fill out forms etc. as preparation for further education.

The careers counsellor will support students with their university applications by means of letter of recommendation or support with structuring and preparing their personal statements for UCAS (University and College Application Service), support for registration for BMAT, LMAT, the College Board (US College application Service), or NACEE (Advising Centre for education in the USA).

Students are encouraged to visit Open Days, Career Expos and Study Fairs. Materials, information, reference books and prospectuses are already available.
For those wishing to study in the USA, we also offer advice and support for registration for PSAT’s, SAT’s and ACT’s. International School Eerde endeavors to provide the best quality service for students wishing to further their education through college or university entrance. Any student, who holds a passport from a non-English native language country, is normally expected to show the appropriate English language skills when applying to a University or College in an English speaking country. The most popular evidence of English language acquisition is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test. If a student wishes to apply for a University in an English language speaking country, our careers counsellor will help the student in their application for the IELTS test..