Kitchen Eerde

In our kitchen our Chef works with fresh ingredients and our aim is to keep the students permanently involved in our menu cycle to work together on a healthy, varied diet. We also provide fresh fruit during the first break free of charge because a healthy student is a happy student.

Why serve sustainable food?

The guidelines of proper food are full of reasons why being sustainable makes sense – for the health and welfare of people and animals, for the environment, for society and culture. From a business point of view we also know that the food sector is under increasing pressure to take account of sustainability, so understanding today’s most prominent food sustainability issues should be a priority for anyone involved in making and serving food.That’s also one of the reason, the ISE also concerns about food as a way of healthy living.

Parents and students are asking more questions than ever before about what they are eating, from the calorie and nutritional content, through to provenance of ingredients.There is greater awareness of
the impact of food on health and wellbeing. Sustainably-sourced produce is a key motivator, together with healthier produced dishes.