Media Facilities

Media Center

The Media Center:

The media center is located on the first floor in the castle. Staffed by very helpful people, the media center is a place for reading, studying, and researching. Students volunteers also to help out in the Library for IB CAS hours. The Library’s collection is mainly comprised of books, but also includes DVD’s , audio- materials and CD-ROM’s. You will be able to find and lend library materials with the help of an automated catalog. Since the Library is a place of work and study, just as in a classroom, please do not talk loudly, drink or eat, chew gum, or wear hats/caps/beanie.

Borrowing of Library materials:

Borrow books only for yourself and do not exchange library/students books with other students. All secondary students may borrow audio-visual items (DVDs)/books from the media center. There are only a number of books and other library materials that can be borrowed. Additional books may be borrowed for special projects via National University Libraries. If a book you want is checked out by someone else, you may reserve it in your name (in the catalog system) so it will be available for you when it is returned. You will receive an email when the book is available so you can pick it up. A book can be renewed, only if there is no outstanding fine or reservation for that item. You are personally responsible for the materials you check out. If library material is lost, damaged or not returned to the library at the end of the academic  year, you will be charged for the appropriate amount for its replacement.

Mrs. Monique Plomp
Assistant Librarian: Mrs. Henny Mensink

Web catalogue:
Secondary Library catalog:
Aura Catalog
Primary Library catalog: Aura Junior Catalog

Laptop use:

The laptop use in the Library ISE meant for educational purposes only, such as searching the catalog and the internet for information. Please follow the responsible use policy rules for laptop use.

Photocopier and printer use:

A photocopier on the landing of the castle is intended for copying and printing. Copies can be made free of charge, please print with care and do not waste paper! If you need to copy in colour sent it by email/usb stick to the librarian in charge and the librarian will, when it is school related, print it for you.

Catalogue use:

If you would like to see what resources are held in our Secondary School Library please go to our Aura Catalog for the Online Public Access Catalog. For our Primary School Library please visit the Aura Junior Catalog. A log-in is not required.

  • Talk to the library staff about your login details.
  • Donation of books or other materials are also appreciated.
  • Please contact the librarian for further information.


Although International School Eerde is housed in a centuries-old castle dating from 1715, the school pursues a responsible use policy and is proud of its leading position in the field of e-Learning.

Every student has his own laptop with wireless access to on-line planning, thereby enabling them to view the tasks and assignments at any time. The on-line monitoring system also allows parents to continually monitor the achievements of their children.

At the start of their Eerde career students will receive their laptop with all the necessery software installed and login details to the systems used at Eerde. The school has an on-site ICT Service Desk to offer quick and quality support.

In a publication by Microsoft, the International School Eerde ranked among the ten most extraordinary places to work.

  • Eerde International School 102
  • Eerde International School 093
  • Eerde International School 122
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