Through music & acting, children learn to express their emotions in a natural and balanced way and use these skills in their environment. Music also helps to build the child's motor, social, cognitive and sensory skills.

Individual Music Lessons

At International School Eerde we offer individual instrument lessons for every student that is interested in learning how to play a musical instrument. These lessons are for students that have never touched an instrument before, or those who want to become better in what they already do. We have a professional team of highly qualified instrument teachers at International School Eerde. They cover a variety of instruments, e.g. drums, piano, guitar, violin, saxophone and singing.

Eerde International School 110

Every new school year we gather a group of secondary students that are interested in acting (sometimes in combination with singing and/or dancing). Our highly qualified acting teacher works with this group towards a beautiful theatrical performance. In some years we have worked on a classical piece (e.g. Romeo & Juliet), other years we create something new with the group. The group decides its own focus, under direction of our acting teacher.

Primary Education

As part of the primary curriculum acting and singing is a weekly (and sometimes daily) tool for our primary teachers to work with the students. It helps the kids in creating memories, feeling strong together, understand their feelings & learn to express feelings that they find difficult to express in words.

Eerde On Stage

Every year all talent in performing art is gathered in our Eerde On Stage. A unique team of students & teachers ise selected to join on stage (Carrousel Theater in Ommen). On this special night you can enjoy all kind of spectacles on stage. This special event will feature students, teachers and others. An incredible blend of music, acting and other unexpected entertainment that will surprise everyone of us.